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I am Evelyn Stewart, and until the summer of 2017 I was working as a Senior Paediatric Sleep Practitioner in a specialist NHS sleep clinic. I am a member of The British Sleep Society, The International Paediatric Sleep Association and also The World Sleep Society. As well as working privately with families I have taught both nationally and internationally on the subject of sleep since 2009 . I work with families of typically developing children as well as children with additional needs, aged 6 months to 16 years. Consultations are carried out via telephone and SKYPE and I have clients all over the world. I have worked with hundreds of families in the last 9 years and I am fully aware of the impact that sleep disturbance has on a household, rarely is it ever just the child who is affected!

My approach is always to take into consideration exactly what it is parents want to achieve, their individual parenting style, the impact of a sleep programme on other family member, the family home set up, the age/stage and ability of the baby/child, and to then negotiate a sleep management programme with parents, so as to be sure that they are carrying out a programme that works for them and that they are comfortable with.

I also teach professionals including teachers, health visitors, child psychologists, child therapists, learning disability nurses, nursery nurses, nannies etc. on the subject of sleep.


Sleep is important for development


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