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Welcome to Sleep Soundly.

I am Evelyn Stewart, and until a few years ago I was working as the Senior Paediatric Sleep Practitioner, managing a team of Specialist Paediatric Sleep Practitioners in an NHS multidisciplinary sleep clinic in the south of England. I am a member of The British Sleep Society, The International Paediatric Sleep Association and also The World Sleep Society. As well as working privately with families I also run EDS Training which trains health and education professionals and those working with babies and children on understanding and managing sleep problems. I have taught both nationally and internationally on the subject of paediatric sleep since 2009 . I work with families of typically developing children as well as children with additional needs, aged 6 months to 16 years. Consultations are carried out via telephone and Zoom and I have clients all over the world. I have worked with hundreds of families with sleep problems in the last 12+ years and I am fully aware of the impact that sleep disturbance has on a household, rarely is it ever just the child who is affected!

​My approach is always to take into consideration exactly what it is parents want to achieve, their individual parenting style, the impact of a sleep programme on other family mem​bers, the family home set up, the age/stage and ability of the baby/child, and to then negotiate a sleep management programme with parents, so as to be sure that they are carrying out a programme that works for them and that they are comfortable with.


Sleep is important for development


Sleep is important for learning


Sleep is important for growth