Sleep Soundly

When a child finally sleeps and parents can finally sleep too many parents say that they feel they have their lives back. Here are some comments from parents that I have worked with.

"Evelyn's help meant that we were meticulously led through the steps of what to do when putting our baby to sleep and when she woke up during the night. I appreciated the step-by-step approach which left no room for ambiguity on what to do in different circumstances. I was so exhausted that I did not want to have to think about what to do to settle my daughter in the middle of the night!! It was money very well spent".

Laura, Switzerland.

Evelyn was recommended to me by my cousin and came with a glowing review! Having used a sleep trainer already, without success, I wasn't convinced she would be able to help me much but I was desperate, so I gave it a try. I'm so glad I did! The first trainer had a one size fits all mentality but Evelyn is much more bespoke in her approach. She really listens to the detail and her advice is all based on her expertise in scientific sleep studies and her vast experience. Not only that, she is a mother so she genuinely understands first hand the challenges involved in getting a baby to sleep. 

Victoria, Hampshire

Our son was a terrible sleeper for 16months after suffering from eczema as a baby. I went back to work when he was 14 months but he was still waking for long periods every night and would cry so loudly unless I held his hand. Evelyn took the time on the phone to explain the psychology and science behind his sleep issues, I remember crying as I felt so listened to and understood as having a "bad sleeper" had become like a shameful secret I didn't talk about anymore. After discussing options I chose a method that was right for us, and Evelyn supported me with everything from what to do with my older son during training to how to deal emotionally with any tears. So quickly he was sleeping through, I couldn't believe it. Evelyn was there for the next month on the phone giving me the tools I needed to keep consistency. Her expertise and intelligent approach gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to give my child the gift of a restful night, every night. We haven't looked back :-).

Sarah-Jayne, London.

I was a bit dubious about spending money on a sleep coach, from my perspective we provided a safe & secure home to our daughter. She had a bedtime routine, she had clear, fair & firm boundaries and I felt we were doing our best. Yet despite these positives our daughter between 2.5 years and 3.5 years would frequently battle when going to sleep for sometimes as long as an hour and occasionally this included major tantrums. She would also wake most nights often up to 5-8 times. We and our daughter were exhausted. It affected her behaviour in the day and it affected our lives, our work, our marriage, our temper and our social life. We were often going to bed before 9.00 just to cope.

Eventually we decided to use Evelyn and she reassured us, gave us fascinating information based on extensive research and gave us clear instructions on how to implement a bedtime routine.

As expected it wasn't plain sailing from the start and our daughter was particularly trying, even Evelyn our sleep coach was surprised at how much our little girl fought against a clear routine. At one stage 4-6 weeks in our daughter had another tantrum and we felt gutted. Evelyn was especially helpful at this time, organising an impromptu meeting and reassuring us that this behaviour would pass. She was right and now 2 months on we have a little girl who goes to bed without a peep, who sleeps through the night including taking herself to the toilet, and she stays in bed quietly until 7.00. She is quiet from 19.30-07.00 every night.

We feel human again and our little girl is happier in the daytime too. She started nursery yesterday and had the energy to enjoy it rather than be grumpy from tiredness.

If your child has consistently not slept I would highly recommend Evelyn. We are educated parents who in the most part were doing well but we needed a little bit of professional help and that help has transformed our family life. Do not suffer indefinitely this could be the best few hundred pound you spend all year.

Malcom, Dorset

"I never at any point felt judged, and always felt so well supported throughout the programme. Thank you so much for helping my family and my marriage!"

Having a child with additional needs I just didn't think anyone could help us with his sleep, but I was wrong. He sleeps so much better now. I wish I had known about you a long time ago. Thank you Evelyn for giving us back the gift of sleep

I had read books, look on the internet, listen to advice from friends and family and I felt I tried everything, but nothing really seemed to help, she still didn't sleep. Then a friend gave me your details and we got in touch and what a difference it has made to our lives. Thank you Evelyn, we all sleep in our own beds all night long and we are all so much better off for it

"Now that I understand why she doesn't sleep I know what I need to do about it" 

"I wish we had come to you sooner, then we could all have been sleeping long ago"

"Thank you so much for today, I feel so much more knowledgeable and I also feel that you have understood both me and my child and I now have plan to help her sleep" 

"We can't thank you enough, she is a different child and we feel human again. This has been the best money I have spent all year" 

"I never imagined that he would be sleeping through the night so soon, I just can't believe it"

"She is so much brighter and her speech has come on in leaps and bounds, I can't believe it is the same child" 

"Family life has been transformed. I no longer dread bedtime" 

"It has been life changing, thank you"